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Buenos Aires

Alberto Vignes Nº 905 (C.P. 1706)
Pcia. Buenos Aires
Tel. /Fax: (011) 4460-1985
Cel.: (011) 155-842-4575

Pcia. De Chubut

Sarmiento (Workshops)
Ameghino N°528  (C.P. 9020)
Sarmiento. Chubut
Cel.: (0297) 154-324-650

Pcia. De Mendoza

Uspallata (Storage)
Av. Las Heras Nº 240 (C.P.5545)
Uspallata. Pcia. De Mendoza
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Enterprise Services for the Oil Industry, Gas, Chemical and Mining.

At its inception in 2004, began conducting an anti specifically, is basic and detailed engineering, erection of cathodic protection system, and Shotblasting Sandblasted, epoxy paint with and without solvent, Thermal Blankets contraíbles coated tapes with and without addition of first.

With hindsight, with time and with the necessary equipment and increase its own resources, VMT-Works & Services-emerges as a fully Enterprise Works and Services, including Civil Works for Electrical-Mechanical-closed circuit Turnkey Construction

VMT - Works & Services, has a range of services offered, ranging from the basic and detailed engineering, supply of materials, construction, assembly and putting into service, final Precommisioning and Engineering Works. Revamping Plant Maintenance and Work New gas and oil pipelines, pipelines, storage tanks, structures, prefabricated buildings and infrastructure works. It also has extensive experience in maintenance work on pipelines Off-Shore Platforms.

     * Cathodic Protection
     * External corrosion protection
     * Total Quality Phase
     Pipe * (A ° C °, A ° I ° and Polypropylene)
     Prefabricated Metal * Repairs and Field
     * Mounting Equipment
     * Civil Works
     * Civil-Mechanical Maintenance
     * Electrical Work
     * Logistics and Supply p / Drilling Equipment and Pulling
     * Cleaning Spills / Environmental Remediation
     * Inspections and site management
     * Basic Engineering and Design

As for the coverage area of our Services, are being developed anywhere in the Republica Argentina, both on-shore as well as Off-Shore.